The Seven keys of the great Product Owner

The Seven keys of the great Product Owner

Become a Great Product Owner

As organizations evolve towards truly customer-centric end-to-end product development models, the role of the Product Owner is going to evolve.

Till now, most of POs are just proxies between Product Management or Business Units and development teams.

Most companies embracing Agile still have teams and POs who are order takers from Product Managers or Business Units. Product Owners who are basically backlog administrators with very limited capacity to make impactful decisions and really manage a product.

Those organizations that evolve will need strong Product Owners that can take care of strategy, product design and product discovery.

If you are a Product Owner and you want to make an impact, you need these books in your library:


Books for Product Owners - Lean Product Management - Inspired - Marty CaganThis book by Marty Cagan covers a great deal of what you need to know to develop technology products at large enterprise companies from the perspective of product management and product teams.

This is the second edition of the book which was initially written before the boom of Lean Startup and Agile.

Product Leadership

Lean Product Management - Product LeadershipProduct Leaders need to be able to inspire with vision, influence without authority, drive change and keep people rowing in the same direction.

This book is the perfect partner of “Inspired”. It brings you key leadership stuff adapted to product management roles.

Product Manager and Product Owner are roles with all the accountability but none of the authority, so it is key to understand how to become a great product leader that inspires others.

Business Model Generation

Books for Product Owners - Lean Product Management - Business Model GenerationIf you cannot develop a sustainable business model out of a new technology or product, that is not innovation, it is just hype. And, this practical guide will teach you how to design or reinvent business models.

This book will give you deep insight into the nature of business models. It describes several models and their dynamics, innovation techniques, how to position your model, and how to lead the redesign of your own product’s business model.

Value Proposition Design

Lean Product Management - Value Proposition DesignThis book is a spin-off of Business Model Generation and it focuses on the mapping between value propositions and customer segments. It provides great insights, practices and tools to understand what the problem is and iterate towards an impactful value proposition.

Running Lean

Books for Great Product Owners - Lean Product Management - Running LeanKey to any Product Owner is to know how to quickly iterate from an early-stage idea into a plan that works.

The true product of a successful product team is not just a great solution or an innovative piece of technology, but a repeatable process that connects your solution with paying customers — in other words, finding a working business model.

This is a fundamental book if you want to learn how to bring an idea to Product-Market Fit. This book teaches you how to develop or kill new ideas based on market acceptance.

Lean Analytics

Books for Great Product Owners - Lean Product Management - Lean AnalyticsThis is the fundamental reference about metrics for digital products. Without discussion, this is the reference book for Digital Product Management. A must for Innovation Managers, Product Managers, Product Owners or Startup founders.

In this book you will find everything you need to properly apply Innovation Accounting to your products. A mandatory companion Business Model Generation and Running Lean.

The core concept this book introduces is the One Metric That Matters (OMTM). That metric you should care above all else at any point in time depending on the business you are in and the stage of your product.

Lean UX

Lean Product Management - Lean UXThis book offers awesome principles, practices and tools to successfully do product discovery, combining User Experience with Lean Startup and Agile.

You cannot call yourself Product Owner if you haven’t read and mastered the techniques explained in this piece.



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