The Evil Managers

The Evil Managers

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In the Agile world many people have tried to kill management, or they regard management as a problem, whilst enforcing the role of Scrum Master or Agile Coach as the driver of change.

However, in Lean, the expectation is that all management, from CEO all the way down to teams, to drive change and continuously improve, with the sporadic help of external consultants.

Lean understands management as key to a successful adoption, whilst in many agile transformations managers are regarded as roadblocks.

You cannot have a successful Agile adoption without management. You cannot put all the weight of your transformation and the responsibility on external agents, consultancies or scrum masters. They should only be supporting not leading.

As long as your organization has managers, they have to learn, practice, promote, teach and coach agile and lean principles and practices.

Actually Lean Management explicitly defines the role of the manager as a teacher-mentor that helps their team do their best and is constantly seeking ways for improvement and changing the system.

If anyone must be full-time dedicated to lean and agile principles, practices and to continuous improvement that is the manager, not the Scrum Master or the Agile Coach.

Also, an engineer cannot call herself a craftsman unless she understands and practices lean and agile principles and strives for continuous improvement of processes alongside her technical practice.

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