The Bottleneck Is At The Top

The Bottleneck Is At The Top

As Peter Drucker used to say: “The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.”

Often times when we start working with our clients they ask us to work with delivery teams, but customers seldom realize the real problem is at the top.

The way companies define their strategy and manage their portfolio is the source of many of the problems you can find at delivery teams. It’s usually an error to start at team level or delivery level without first taking a look at strategy and portfolio level where the biggest constraint might be.

A clear sign that work at portfolio and strategy level are required is when we hear executives complain that:

  • They don’t know what is really going on
  • They are not working on what is most important for their strategy
  • People is not working together and aligned towards a same direction

It is also a question of mentality and teamwork. The first team you should always be working with in an Agile transformation is the executive team. To make sure they are all aligned towards the same goal and they understand and practice Agile and Lean Thinking.

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