The Agile Promotion Office

The Agile Promotion Office

The Agile Promotion Office

This is an internal consulting and coaching capability with the mission to provide support for the transformation at all levels. This is the role of an Agile Promotion Office in an Agile Transformation.

You need to hire a competent Agile and Lean leader that can lead this supporting unit and combine it with external consultants that bring the expertise and manpower you will need, specially at the beginning until you develop your own Lean experts in house.

The head of this unit has to report directly to the CEO. He or she must be at the same level of Value Stream Leaders and other executives.

This is a clear message that operational excellence is of strategic importance to the company and the CEO will know what is going on and getting involved on a weekly basis.

The full-time job of the people in this office is to run and follow up on kaizen initiatives and to train and coach the rest of the organization in Lean principles and techniques.

You can see this office as a service composed by Agile Coaches, Scrum Master and Lean Consultants that delivers Agile and Lean coaching and training based on customer demand.

We don’t want full-time Scrum Master or Agile Coaches assigned to teams, we rely on team members and management to learn and improve by themselves with the sporadic support of the APO.

This will be the temporary or permanent destination of many people in your organization as your transformation evolves.

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