Hands-on experiential one-week workshop to start working like an innovation team for a real business challenge.

Learn how to understand customers’ needs, validate assumptions and leverage data to refine direction.

We combine Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Customer Development in an intensive deep-dive.

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You have an idea. We work with you in putting together the team, training and coaching them in order to test whether your idea represents a significant enough problem worth solving (Problem-Solution Fit).

This is a one-month program to develop or kill new ideas based on market acceptance. Dedicated coaches mentor teams through customer discovery, customer validation, testing and MVPs, working like a startup.

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Three-month program to launch or kill new products based on market acceptance. We go from an idea to validate Product-Market Fit.

Dedicated Lean Startup Coaches help teams through the process of achieving Product-Market Fit while establishing innovation accounting metrics and balancing discovery and delivery.

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This program will transform your organization into an innovation machine enabling continuous innovation and driving growth.

We combine the rigor of general management with the highly iterative nature of startups. It is a system that can be used in any organization that seeks to practice continuous innovation.

We work with you to define an Innovation Strategy, adopt the right Innovation Management approach and connect it with Innovation Practice.


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