Digital Product Management

Product Owner Training

This is a 2-day training for anyone willing to become a Product Owner.

This training combines all our accumulated experience over years coaching teams, organizations, product owners and product managers in a intensive deep-dive that will allow you to start working as a Product Owner the next day.

This is not only Scrum, but also Agile, Lean and Kanban. The fundamental concepts to allow you to make a leap in your career.

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Product Owner Mentoring Program

We know how difficult is to find great Product Owners in the market. We also know that most Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters don’t have the skills and background required to properly accompany and help Product Owners grow.

This is an on-siteĀ coaching and mentoring program that will bring your Product Owners to the next level.

We put expert coaches on-site who accompany your Product Owners throughout a learning process combining professional coaching, mentoring, lean product management consulting and training.

This program is designed either for technical profiles who want to move to Product Ownership or for Product Owners who want to jump to the next level in their careers.

Stop searching in the market wasting time and money from your hiring managers, teams and recruiters and develop your talent from the inside with our expert help.

  • Minimize recruitment cost and time
  • Develop and grow internal talent
  • Maximize cultural fit
  • Minimize ramp-up time for your Product Owners
  • Maximize team performance
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Lean Product Management

In this 2-day practical training we bring to Product Managers and Product Owners key techniques and practices for bringing products to market as fast as possible with minimum hassle.

You will learn to effectively manage the lifecycle of a digital product, from idea to scale.

This is a workshop for professionals with experience in Agile who want to go to the next level in their career.

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Product Team Kickstart

With this program we help organizations enable Lean Product Development in one team.

After the implementation of this program, the team will be able to smoothly combine Product Discovery and Product Delivery to drive growth by successfully meeting customer needs and delivering products customers love.

  • Minimize ramp-up time for new product teams
  • Maximize team performance
  • Maximize product-market fit
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OKR Rollout Program

We help product organizations successfully embed their strategy into their daily operations, addressing both the long-term strategic direction for the company and the short-term daily management activities.

After the implementation of this program, you will be able to connect your strategy with the execution.

Key benefits of this program include:

  • Maximize strategic alignment
  • Improve morale and engagement
  • Improved business agility
  • Improved ability to react to market changes
  • Increase transparency
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