Lean Management

Lean Management

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Lean Management in an Agile Transformation

The system creates its own behavior. And, it is the responsibility of management to change and improve the system, not to manage people.

Announcement of the Lean Strategy needs to be followed quickly by initial training sessions.

Do not just introduce your Lean consultants and let them do it. Your people need to hear the details from the CEO. This will help them understand that everyone will participate going forward, and that it is not voluntary.

The initial training group should include, at a minimum, your senior managers, HR and the union leadership. Target also your natural leaders for the first training classes, since they are best suited to spread the word.

Lean Thinking House

Lean Managers do not manage people, they manage the work; they manage the system.

They coach people and lead by example. Their main goal is helping people do their work better, teaching and coaching Lean principles and practices and driving continuous improvement.

Lean Management

Implementing a Lean strategy takes time. It is a journey, not a sprint. As a result, without strong, committed leadership over a long period of time, most Lean transformations will fail.

Introducing Lean is one thing, but keeping it going is where the leadership work is really required.

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