Lean is the Strategy

Lean is the Strategy

Using Lean to turn your company around has a very simple focus. You want to improve all your processes so that you vastly improve the way value is added in your company.

Better results come from delivering better value to customers. This is the essence of what any company’s strategy should be: delivering value to customers.

This can occur only if you understand that Lean has to be your strategy—the foundational core of everything you do—.

Improved time-to-market, efficacy and growth will only come if you understand that Lean has to be a cornerstone of your strategy, not just some operational improvement or management fad to show up in media.

Switching to a Lean strategy doesn’t mean that you have to give up doing all the typical strategy stuff. You can still try to develop new products, enter new markets or acquire companies.

The difference is that switching to Lean will allow you to execute these actions much faster and more economically. You will be able to do things that your competitors can’t do. You will have the strategic advantage.

In the technology world we know that as companies grow they accumulate technical debt, however they also accumulate organizational debt. And the solution to get rid of organizational debt is Lean, by defining value, organizing in value streams and removing anything that provides no value.

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