It’s All About People

It’s All About People

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In a truly continuous improvement environment, the best ideas will always come from the people who do the work. So, transforming the way your people think and act is the real key to success. This will required teaching, coaching and a lot of pacience, but you will also have to take tough decisions with those who are not willing to embrace Lean and would rather sabotage your efforts.

If managers are not contributing to helping the value-adding people do their jobs in an easier and better way by teaching and coaching lean principles and practices, then they are just waste. This is the essence of Lean Management.

The Lean focus on continuous improvement creates a learning environment for everyone. It leads to great teamwork, which in turn creates a great work atmosphere.

The focus on being responsive to customer needs naturally builds a customer-centric organization where everyone is participating. People like coming to work every day in this type of environment. They are constantly learning new ways to improve your value-adding activities.

In essence, the Lean Organization understands the value of its people and treats them with great respect.

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