Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

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Reorganizing in value streams will already provide huge benefits to your bottom-line, however that’s just the beginning. Lean is a never ending journey of continuous improvement towards perfection.

In my experience this is an Achilles Heel in most agile and lean adoptions. Not because people don’t want to improve, but because they are part of a system that directly or indirectly punishes improvement and change.

The CEO together with senior management must set clear stretch goals for every value stream.  And they must make sure that everyone knows about CEO’s personal involvement in creating the targets.

Make sure your accountability and processes are not going against continuous improvement. Typical examples would be prioritizing short-term financial results over long-term sustainability of the business or incentivizing individual work with bonuses whilst asking cross-functional teams to collaborate.

A good starting point to make sure you create the proper system that supports continuous improvement would Deming’s 14 Points for Management.

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