Aktia Solutions is born

Aktia Solutions is born

On the 9th of January 2018 Aktia Solutions was born. Another step of a journey that began in 2009.


This was 2009 when I heard of Agile for the first time. Like many other people, I rapidly fell in love and started reading, studying, attending to conferences, trainings and meetups. At that time I worked as Development Manager for an american multinational and we started to put into practice many things. My team was very successful and I realized what we achieved there could also benefit other companies working as a freelance Agile Coach.

In 2013 I started studying professional Coaching. I took a Master’s Degree in Personal and Executive Coaching at UPF/Barcelona School of Management.

Throughout these years up until now I’ve been combining trainings in professional coaching like Team Coaching or ORSC, with trainings in Agile, Lean, Lean Startup, Product Management, Business and Psychology.

This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the support, help and love of my wife Rut, who is also co-founder of the company. She is going to be taking care of Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Development and Sales. We believe that Product Strategy is key to the success of any company and Rut’s the best in that.

We got married on the 3rd of May 2014 and on the 16th of September 2017 Bruno was born. Our first child. At this point we decided to go fully for it. We don’t want to depend on others, we want to be the owners of our destiny, and we took an action on incorporating Aktia Solutions.


This Company is born with the purpose of making a better world by helping other organizations. Modern humans spend around 70 percent of their life-time working in organizations, and there is a lot that can be done to improve the life of people, to make their work purposeful, motivational and to allow them to balance personal life and work.

We help organizations achieve their strategic objectives by helping them adapt to the uncertainty and complexity of 21st century. Both Rut and I have a extensive and heterogeneous background, we have worked in organizations in different roles, levels of responsibility and also for organizations as consultants and freelancers.

For me, Gerard, this has been a natural step because I was already a freelance, but being a freelance was not sustainable in the long-term and I couldn’t achieve the impact we can achieve as an organization. There is also another reason. I don’t think it is fair to accompany executives and their organizations in transformational journeys or important structural changes if I am not running a business myself. It is very easy to consult when you are a freelance or a consultant employed by another company and you haven’t yourself experienced the challenges and complexity of running a business.

Why Aktia?

Many people ask us about the reason of our name.

We had been almost one year looking for a name. A name that wasn’t taken already, a name whose internet domain wasn’t taken and a name that meant something. However, as you well know combining those three factors is almost impossible.

In the end we decided to look for words that almost meant something but didn’t mean anything. Like Google, Verizon, Lucent and many others.

We wanted to come up with something that conveys a sense of action, hands-on, getting things done, achieving results and, practicality. We are consultants that get things done and work together with our customers. We are not trainers or advisors.

Also, we wanted something that sounds pragmatic and professional (Aktia sound reminds of latin or greek), something that can remain for years and can grow old without being old-fashioned.

The name had to be just one word and not a composition or multiple words. So, then we decided to use a neutral “surname”, because all single words in every single language seem to be taken already.

We had two options “Consulting” or “Solutions”. We thought “Solutions” fits better because that’s what we do for our clients. We provide solutions for their business’ needs and problems.

Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast

We have a purpose and a vision of what we want to be when Aktia grows. We are putting a lot of effort, discipline and professionalism towards that target so we grow big to make a difference in the world, improving the work and life of people (both our customers and our employees).

We believe our customers are the heart of everything, and we put every effort to make their experience with us unique. The Aktia Solutions Team is willing to work with you and ready to move your organization to the next level. Let’s talk!