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Lean Product Management - Digital Product Management - Training - AKTIA Solutions

Lean Product Management

Live Online & On-site

Learn the fundamentals of modern product management and become a great Digital Product Manager or Product Coach.

Over the years we have identified a few topics where many product owners and product managers could significantly improve.

Learn the key practices and techniques to succeed as a modern Product Manager.

Product Discovery - Training - AKTIA Solutions

Product Discovery

Live Online & On-Site

This is an add-on designed to complement the Lean Product Management training​.

This is a deep-dive into the world of Product Discovery.

Learn the techniques and practices to enable Product Discovery in your team and improve your product success.

Kanban System Design - Training - AKTIA Solutions

Kanban Sytem Design


This is an online training where you will learn everything you need to know to successfully start with Kanban.

Based on many years of experience helping companies to adopt Kanban, we have condensed all our knowledge to help you design an adequate Kanban System for your own context.