Agile Transformation Principles

Agile Transformation Principles

The Ten Commandments of Agile

In this blog post we introduce you the ten agile transformation principles for a successful Agile journey based on our own experiences.

So far, we have seen what are the pitfalls and fundamental errors in Agile adoptions. We believe that most of these errors are caused by a lack of understanding of basic Lean principles and a failure to learn from past and present successful Lean transformations.

In this next series of posts we will see which are the ten key building blocks of a successful Agile transformation. You need all of these in order to succeed, failing in just one will prevent your organization from getting any benefits from Agile.

Learning from Lean

If you want to achieve an strategic advantage. If you want to the fastest, with best quality and cost-effective in your market. This is what you have to do.

We need to look back at the basics from Lean Thinking. Do not complicate your life with complex models, scaling framework or cultural transformation programs. Things are easier than you think, only you need to make it happen.

Let’s see The 10 commandments of the Agile Transformation… from Lean

  1. Managing Change

Next up, Lean is the Strategy.

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