Agile didn’t solve a damn thing – Embrace Lean

Agile didn’t solve a damn thing – Embrace Lean

Embrace Lean as your Operations Strategy

  • Do you have the feeling that everybody is doing lots of things, super busy, but still the outcomes are below expectations?
  • Is the quality of your deliverables a source of constant concern?
  • Are you doing agile software development but still your time-to-market is long?
  • Are you delivering features or products with poor market acceptance?
  • Do you cancel projects after a long time and a significant investment?
If that’s the case you are in the right place. You need to embrace Lean as your strategy.

Lean as a Strategy

Most of us think of strategy as reaching a new market, developing new products or acquiring companies. Whilst that is true, 

The first and most important strategy any organization should be focusing on is operational excellence.Click To Tweet

If your processes are full of drama, if you are slow, with quality problems and low productivity, it doesn’t really matter what your breakthrough strategy is; you won’t be able to compete.

Agile didn’t solve a damn thing … Embrace Lean

Agile was born to solve these execution problems in software development. However, after 15 years of the famous Agile Manifesto, very few companies have been able to really benefit from Agile.

Many managers and executives do not even want to hear about Agile anymore.

Say Agile One More Time

In all this time an endogamic and pyramidal industry has developed around Agile. An industry that moves a lot of money but does not help to solve the fundamental problems of companies.

This industry has made us believe in certain practices, roles and techniques that far from leading to agility perpetuate the problem. And, along the way we have forgotten the basics, the essence of what really works.

Agile - Reinventing the Wheel

Agile appeared as something new, while it really wasn’t.

We have been reinventing the wheel and creating models and frameworks which don’t work. Or, which are poorly implemented due to lack of understanding of the underlying principles of LEAN THINKING.

The intention was great, but the outcomes are far from being great.

Reality is that Agile has become mainstream and has crossed the boundaries of software development, but in this evolution it has generated a whole lot of detractors and hasn’t really helped solve most of business problems.

Agile is being sold as the solution to all the problems of companies, while it isn’t. We cannot even get the basics right and we are already talking about things like Business Agility or Innovation.

Agile provides great benefits to businesses but I’d be great if we started to recognize what is it and what is it for, instead of trying to fix everything. Agile is an Operations Strategy.

Embrace Lean

We have been wrong in many things, we are still wrong, and it seems that we do not learn from the main source in successful transformations that Lean represents.

We need to look at the essence, the learnings from Lean which allowed to transform whole industries and still does.

Lean as a strategy - Lean Organization - Agile

There are a few basic things you need to do in order to achieve a strategic breakthrough. Unless you get those in place everything else is just patches or pretending to be.

In the next post, we will see the pitfalls of Agile from a Lean lens.

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