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We are a Management Consulting Firm that works with companies to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.

We help our customers achieve their strategic objectives in this fast paced, uncertain and complex 21st century, by realizing their next-generation operating model, driving innovation, improving decision making and creating extraordinary products and unique customer experiences.

We have a pragmatic business approach focusing on the most important opportunities for our customers today, setting the ground for future growth.

With nearly two decades of extensive multi-sectorial business experience combined with a strong business knowledge of digital innovation, we can help accelerate the digital impact of your company by delivering tangible and positive change, not simply presentations or ideas. We are consultants and also coaches, trainers and facilitators.

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Oriol Rius

CTO & co-founder at NEXIONA

After more than two years developing our MIIMETIQ product according to the SCRUM methodology, the team was overwhelmed by the situation. The first sales required support, events, congresses and the like. Team was overloaded with the amount of unexpected work to the point that sprint planning had become endless. The whole team was blocked for hours making forecasts that week after week they were far from reality.

Through a three-day workshop with AKTIA we were able to take the first serious step towards Kanban. From the beginning the team saw this change as an opportunity to work more efficiently and to enjoy work. Noticing at all times they were able to control the situation.

The accompaniment and training that AKTIA gave us were key to achieving an outstanding success in changing the way the team works. After almost two years the team appreciates the change very positively and how it was made thanks to AKTIA; in addition to feeling that they are in control of their work.

Francesco Vivoli

Development Diretor at The Workshop - Inventors of Play

Many thanks to Gerard Chiva and Aktia Solutions for designing and delivering a truly well-balanced workshop on Lean Software Development. Condensing the massive body of Knowledge that goes under the lean umbrella must have been a serious challenge and I was very happy to see concepts flowing naturally in their seemingly natural order. It’s now time for my team to understand what the next steps are but this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Lean is the Strategy

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January 16, 2019

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January 9, 2019

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January 8, 2019

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